Meet the family

Our reasons for being (we're adding more profiles daily...)


Our founder was born Memorial Day weekend in 2014 and came to live with us that July. Our lives and purpose were forever changed. Follow Wattles on Facebook.


Woody was our second piggy to join our family and came to us in an emergency situation. He and Wattles are good buddies. While Woody may be the smallest of the gang in the barnyard he not-so-secretly runs the place and everyone gives him the respect he deserves.


Mayflower is part of our family just like all of the animals at Broome Animal Sanctuary. This Thanksgiving, all holidays, and everyday please keep animals off of your plate. They are not something. They are our friends and family.

Happy ThanksLiving!!!!

Mayflower was featured online in People Magazine:


Bubbles was a breeding sow, at a local farm, with a big personality. We were able to save her life and let her enjoy her retirement and live her life out naturally as all animals should be able to. If you visit she will surely give you a special greeting and a sweet photo-op.


Romeo's human passed away in 2016 after they were together for a decade. He spent the next year being very loved at a shelter in Long Island until he came here.


At 4 weeks old Thaddeus was being auctioned as a meat pig. When we learned about him we knew we could not let him be slaughtered.We were able to secure his freedom. When we got him to BAS he was terrified and hid in the hay for 2 days. It took some convincing, but Thaddeus learned to trust us. Fast forward almost 2 years, if there were a BAS Yearbook Thaddeus would be voted class clown.


Tammy was given to us from a pig breeder at the time. They decided they did not want to sell or slaughter her and gave her to Broome Animal Sanctuary. Tammy rules the roost so to speak. Let's just say what Tammy wants Tammy gets. We wouldn't have it any other way.



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